Organic Wool and Cotton Mattress Protectors


Wool Moisture Protector

This wool mattress protector  is naturally water repellent and dries easily, making it an ideal organic mattress protector choice for children, the elderly or infirm sleepers. Protectors are a must with any mattress purchase. The wool protector is the better of the 2 choices. If there is an accident the protector  stops the water from going thru to the mattress. The protector is made of fine merino wool and is very tightly woven.No mattress should be without one of these protectors. Our new OVERSIZED organic mattress protectors are thirsty for maximum protection.  Corner straps are included for a great fit, except for puddle and crib sizes.If you don’t use a protector, and something gets thru to the cover you have to (A) Dry Clean the mattress cover if it has a zipper on it, or (B) spot clean the mattress cover if you don’t have a protector on it. Since we been in business we have sold thousands of these organic mattress protectors. Protection is the name of the game in this business. Your mattress will love you for it. Machine wash in lukewarm water, or spot clean with vinegar and water. Line dry or use easy cycle in dryer. Made in The USA. Protect your mattress from spills. Stains, sweat, skin oils, and various other accidents with our organic mattress pads.

Organic Mattress Protectors | Wool Mattress Pad

Puddle Pad

Twin or Ex long (41″x83″),$325.00
Full (57″x83″),$399.00
Queen (63″x83″),$425.00
King/E (83″x83″),$499.00


100% Organic Cotton Quilted Moisture Protectors


The Organic Mattress Store gets so many calls for machine washable mattress protection. Our organic mattress protectors are a classic style, but made with 100% organic cotton. This is an organic protector designed to protect your organic investment from dirt and soil, and whatever else ends up on it. Unlike the wool protectors, you have to work fast if something spills on the sheets. They are not waterproof. With 100% organic cotton in the pad, its a great extra for your bed. 2 inch quilted squares , covered in Percale, with a deep 15″ pocket, this organic mattress pad wraps all the way around your mattress like a fitted sheet. Mattress protectors always extend the life of your mattress by years. Wash the protector on the easy cycle and dry on the easy cycle or hang out. 100% cotton sourced and Made in India.  White only! Get the best eco-friendly, non-toxic and organic mattress protectors at our store.

Twin or Ex long (38″x75″),$156.00
Full (54″x75″),$250.00
Queen (60″x80″),$299.00
King/E (76″x80″),$359.00