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The Organic Mattress Store® Inc. is the first and “The Original” product driven Organic Mattress Store.

 The Organic Mattress Store now have “Made In the USA” Natural Latex. Mountaintop latex (from Pennsylvania) is of comparable quality, if not superior to the Sri Lankan latex which we have used in the past.   Mountaintop uses  100% Natural Guatemalan Latex. It is the Dunlop process latex.  Mountaintop uses the continuous pour process to make the latex which is a more advanced and consistent process and is better for the environment. We also carry Malaysian natural latex in our Greensleep Nezimo line.


Check out Mountaintops video on there manufacturing process.

We are into quality from the get go. We do not deflate our cores and squish them in a small box, like the bed in the box people. Our organic mattresses come in solid pieces. Since 2004 we have been the leaders in quality. listen to your inner voice. Is it telling you to say no to conventional mattresses?

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All of our latex  in our private OMS line comes from Guatemala in liquid form and then poured into cores in Pennsylvania. We are bringing jobs back to the USA with this move.For years, studies have shown lack of sleep weakens your immune system, impairs learning and memory , and contributes to depression and other mood and mental disorders. Our complete line of natural mattresses are in our Headquarters store and we are located directly between New York City and Philadelphia, but we serve all organic mattress customers thru out the entire USA. Since 2004-2021, we have brought Peace of Mind” to thousands of new and repeat organic mattress customers from all over the East Coast and the USA. Wake up physically, emotionally, and intellectually renewed on the purest organic mattresses and top of the bed products available.The Organic Mattress Store invites you to join the ever growing family of people who have experienced a reassuring difference with our organic mattress line.

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Lets face it, when you have been selling organic mattresses since 2004, you get good at it. You know what works and what does not. You learn some important lessons along the way. One is that quality and value go hand in hand and never go out of fashion. Experience has shown that there is no substitute for using the best quality for everything we sell. We know our customers appreciate that in the long run. That is why our line of organic mattresses feel better, and last longer. Our manufacturers combine traditional craftsmanship with up to date technology. Layers of Natural Dunlop latex sense your body contours and instantly provide targeted levels of support. Each organic mattress manufacturer has designed a mattress to satisfy the widest variety of body types. We also provide free of charge white glove delivery and set up. We deliver the finest quality and the most comfortable organic mattress anywhere.


Featured Organic Mattress Manufacturers

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We Have Guatemalan Natural Dunlop Latex with a 25 yr warranty. It is out biggest seller.8″ Thick. Made in the USA

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This 3/3/3 System is top of the line Dunlop Latex from Malaysia. Zipper at the top.Made in Canada.


Made in the USA“THE WAVERLY” Medium Firmness Innerspring Mattress. Organic Cotton Ticking, Pure Wool, Tufted.



Very Firm Organic Innerspring Mattress . Made in the USA. Royal-Pedic top of the line 

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The Ultimate Organic Futon 8″ Thick, and Plush. Made in the USA


Organic Latex Mattresses

From an organic twin mattress, to a king, all of our certified organic cottons for
organic mattresses have met the strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program.This means consumers are purchasing natural mattresses from field to finished product. On our showroom floor, we have many different firmness levels of mattresses, which consist of Natural Dunlop Rubber, or natural innerspring mattresses All of our natural mattresses are extremely comfortable and designed to significantly reduce stiffness, along with back and shoulder pain, provide pressure relief, significantly reduce motion transfer, and give you a cooler more natural sleep. Come experience natural Rubber(Latex), organic cotton, and blends of Organic and chemical free wool’s for the best loft, from the best grouping of mattress manufacturers in the business today. What side of this natural mattress business do you want to be on, the conventional side or the organic side. Get the best luxury mattresses in the country at The Organic Mattress Store.



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