Organic Wool Pillows

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Organic Wool Pillows

For Oh-so-many reasons, this wool gives you the perfect sleeping environment. For one, there’s its ability to wick away moisture. If you have ever awoken with a damp pillow, nothing will keep you more dry and comfortable than a pillow of pure wool. Second, it has superior dust mite resistance- need we say more? Our Pillows are Pure Eco Wool®, and made in the USA. Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you may prefer an extra fill (back sleeper), a regular fill (side sleeper), or a light fill (stomach sleeper) all wool pillow. Ask our sales people to help you find your ultimate pillow. Care for your organic wool pillows by tossing them in the dryer on the easy cycle with a few tennis balls to fluff them back up, and put them out in the sun occasionally. Protect your organic wool pillows with a pillowcase. All of our pillow protectors are made with certified organic cotton ticking on the outside.

Fill recommended for Standard (20"x26")price Queen (20"x30") price King (20"x36") price
Light 18 oz Stomach Sleepers $139 $149 $185
Regular 23 oz Side/Back Sleepers $149 $159 $195
Extra 28 oz Side/Back Sleepers $159 $189 $199


Wooly Bolas Pillow


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This organic wool pillow has a really nice feel to it. Inside are soft washable balls of domestic and imported organic wool. The outer envelope cover is made of a beautiful soft certified organic cotton knit. This pillow is also adjustable. You can take out some of the wool balls if you are a stomach sleeper, or keep it the way it is, if you are a back , or side sleeper. Extra Wool is available at the store of your purchase. Protect your pillows with a certified organic cotton pillowcase.This wool pillow is washable as well. Easy wash and then dry with a few tennis balls on the easy cycle. This organic wool pillow is a huge seller. Our certified organic wool pillows are soft, subdued, and whippy offering a great support and comfort to your neck and shoulder. Experience better sleep with our wool pillows, available at a very reasonable and economical rate.

Size, Weight Price
Standard (20″x26″), 32 oz, $159.00