Organic Crib Mattress Natural Latex $599.00 or Innerspring. $499.00

Sewn Shut, Amish made Firm
Start your kid off the right way.



When it comes to your kid’s latex crib or innerspring baby mattresses, we use the same fine natural materials that we use in our adult mattresses. With our natural dunlop latex, we up the firmness to 95-D, which we call extra firm. Under the top layer of organic cotton fabric, on the organic crib mattress, we use the same natural Wool from Northern California/Oregon. Made in the USA.

You can never be truly sure about the safety of a conventional, non-organic foam mattress for your baby’s crib. Researchers discovered that conventional petroleum-based chemicals are linked to a weakened nervous system and poor immune system. Flame retardants are typically made of hazardous chemicals like boric acid, decabromodiphenyl oxide, and antimony, and these are linked to memory and hair loss, lung and heart damage, and reproductive disorders. Exposure to these chemicals has been linked to memory and learning deficit issues, skin irritation, kidney and lung damage, and cancers, too. For your kids get the very best organic cotton fabric, wool as your natural fire retardant, and a nice layer of natural latex, or an innerspring mattress with cotton batting surrounding the springs. Kids these days will enjoy the fine feeling of organic cotton under them.Our choice is latex, and both latex and innerspring’s have organic cotton fabric all around the top and sides

Parents are always concerned with the safety of their kids cribs, so they make sure that everything they buy for their kids is  safe. They want to know about the organic cotton surrounding the core of the crib mattress.The Organic Mattress Stores Baby crib mattresses are among the products that are preferred by moms and dads to ensure a healthier and happy baby.  With one of our crib baby mattress, you can be sure that your little angel is sleeping on a surface that is safe. Don’t be fooled by Natural crib mattresses that mislead you in whats inside. Remember for a latex crib mattress, the top layer is organic cotton fabric. Under the cotton fabric is wool. That is your natural fire retardant. the next layer is a 6″ core of natural latex . Flip it over and its the same ingredients on the other side. As for an innerspring mattress, the top layer is still organic cotton fabric. Kids will enjoy the cotton fabric, and the wool under that. The center layer is natural latex and if you flip it over its the same on  the other side as well. Organic Crib mattresses today are the best way to start your kids off in this hectic world of chemical laden products. Give your kids the best start they can get, with either an  innerspring mattress, or a natural latex mattress. Searching for the best organic crib mattress? Check our store containing a huge amount of organic crib mattresses for babies. Pick the safest, non-toxic, durable and soft mattress for your toddler.

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Baby Mattress Care Instructions

  • Turn, rotate, and flip the mattresses every 6 months
  • Place the crib mattress on a firm breathable surface
  • Do not allow the mattress to get wet, by protecting it with a wool mattress pad
  • Use vinegar and water for stains, repeat this process 2 times

We have other organic baby products which are certified organic.

Keep any baby mattress clean and dry with an organic wool mattress pad.