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We think the products that you purchase for your baby should be your top priority. This is your first and only shot to improve on the old ways of conventional materials. Natural environments for all the baby’s needs are priority #1 from day 1 to the last days of their life. They deserve only the best natural and organic products surrounding their lifestyles. This is the time to invest wisely in the ultimate products for yourself and your kids. The developmental stages of a child are the most important time, and its up to you as a parent to add what’s best for them right from the start.Don’t skimp in this product department.

A non-organic mattress can be as bad as cigarettes in which it contains carcinogens and other cancer-causing agents. There are no laws on the amount of chemicals that manufacturers should put in their mattresses or how many of those toxic substances must be disclosed to consumers. Typical mattresses are made using many different petroleum-based chemicals, flame retardants, plastics, and foams, and research has revealed that many of these toxic substances are being released from the product over time. Your baby’s body could be absorbing those toxic substances as he or she sleeps. Get the right product. Get an natural latex or innerspring organic baby mattress. Promote a healthy environment for your baby. With our buyers guidance you can find the safest, non-toxic and breathable organic baby mattress at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

The Organic Mattress Store has many baby products to choose from- the ingredients for great sleep are here. Choose from our selection of organic cotton, pure wool, and Pure Natural Dunlop latex mattresses; Innersprings for babies made with organic cottons; and an all wool baby mattress. The ingredients have been checked out by our environmental attorney to assure you’re only getting the best products available Whether you’re looking for a baby crib that was built by the Amish from solid wood, cotton or wool mattress pads ,all the products you find here are made with organic materials. From  teddy bears, to cribs, etc. etc. you have come to the right company! Let 10 years of experience guide you to finding what’s best for you and your family. Just call us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process of choosing the best products for you, and at the most competitive prices in the USA today.

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