New York City

Organic Mattress in New York City


Organic Mattresses in New York City are getting more popular. The Organic Mattress Store is only 1.5 hours away and we have been serving the city for 16 full yrs.Its an easy drive.You got Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc etc. We do the same thing.

The other thing is New York city customers save on sales tax since its an out of state sale. Don’t waste your money on  Sattva, Casper, Avocado or any of the others.

 So what are you waiting for. We are open by appt. only due to covid. Give us a call.

We have a variety of places to eat outside,and we ever have the oldest organic health food store in the Lehigh Valley right down the street.

Once your order is placed you just sit back and we take care of the rest. Our delivery guys bring it in, set it up, and take away the old boxes. If you want to pay by check you can save an extra 3%, since we don’t have to pay credit card fees.

The Organic Mattress Store has always taken care of there New York City customers. And they keep coming back for that other house at the shore, and the other destinations they live, and play. Don’t delay. Get your organic mattress here in Pa, save a bunch, and get the best service you can. Our motive is to provide you the most comfortable, healthy and peaceful sleep.


If you would like a catalog, we can send you one.