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Royal Pedic Organic  Innerspring Mattress

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“The Malibu” Innerspring Mattress (Firm)


King Size Organic Mattress

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    • “The Malibu” is a hand crafted, extra-firm innerspring mattress featuring layers made with pristine organic cotton that are wrapped in all-natural French Wool, covered in a soft brushed canvas fabric made with organic cotton, and artisan hand tufted to secure the filling materials in place to provide orthopedic support.A favorite among many is to add one of our natural toppers onto the surface of the mattress, creating a synergy of orthopedic mattress support combined with the surface plushness of the topper.Royal-Pedic has been handcrafting mattresses made with organic cotton since 1988, applying the same time-tested skills and high quality of workmanship developed since the founding of their company back in 1946.In an age where many mattresses are one sided only and cannot be flipped over, Royal-Pedic mattresses are built with equal amounts of materials on each side of the mattress, so the mattress can be flipped over to sleep on the other side, which may extend mattress life.At the core of this natural cotton w/wool wrap mattress features the 650i Innerspring System designed in Switzerland, and made in the USA. The coils are double heat tempered to resist sag and provide longevity. The coils are an open ended, double offset design with 6 turn wire to provide more flexibility to body contours.Royal-Pedic doesn’t stop there with the 650i innerspring unit; flexible T-Spring side supports are attached equidistantly by the master-craftsmen onto the perimeter border wires of the spring system to provide edge to edge sleeping comfort and support.Before the layers made with organic cotton and wool are added, Royal-Pedic secures a tightly quilted insulator pad made with organic cotton to the surface of the innerspring unit to prevent the layers from pocketing into the coils for superior support and longevity.Surrounding the inner layers of padding made with organic cotton is a layer of French wool, which acts as an all-natural fire barrier, as well as helping to ventilate body heat and maintain a dry sleeping environment. The French wool is washed in baking soda and water without any chemicals, and the sheep free graze on open plains and hillsides in France.Encapsulating the inner filling materials is a durable brushed canvas covering made with organic cotton to ventilate body heat to sleep more comfortably. The fabric is brushed to provide a softer feel, and is woven on precision computerized looms to exacting and consistent specifications.The mattress is artisan hand tufted with European tufting straps to pre-compress the layers of padding for orthopedic back support, and to prevent shifting of materials for a consistent sleep surface. Even though hand tufting is very labor intensive, Royal-Pedic continues its 90-year tradition of hand tufting its mattresses with a long needle and tufting straps to achieve its high standards of quality.Last but not least, the Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Box Spring H-2 unit actually has flex to it like a box spring should to provide an extra layer of suspension for added sleeping comfort. Many box springs these days are just solid or slatted foundations without any give. Royal-Pedic upholsters the box spring with fabrics and cotton padding layers made with organic cotton, and the French wool.Mattress Specifications:
      • 9.5” approximate thickness
      • Covering made with organic cotton for breathability.
      • Hand tufted for added support, and to keep materials from shifting.
      • French wool layer for natural fire barrier, and to wick away moisture.
      • Pristine layers made with organic cotton provide support – no foams.
      • Quilted insulator pad made with organic cotton to support padding layers on the spring unit.
      • 650i Innerspring Unit, double heat tempered to resist sagging.
      • T-Spring side supports provide edge to edge sleeping comfort.
      • Handles help position mattress on the box spring or platform base.
      • Fents on the sides of the mattress allow body heat to ventilate.

      Made In the USA

      Box Spring Specifications:

      • 8” thickness
      • Covering made with organic cotton for breathability.
      • French wool layer for natural fire barrier, and to wick away moisture.
      • Pristine layers made with organic cotton provide support – no foams.
      • Quilted insulator pad made with organic cotton to support padding layers on the spring unit.
      • H-2 Box Spring Unit contains modules that flex providing suspension for added comfort.
  • Pricing

    size Mattress Only price 8″ Wood Foundation Set Price
    Twin (38″x75″x8″) $6550 $682 $7232
    Full (54″x75″x8″) $7930 $1056 $8986
    Queen (60″x80″x8″) $8360 $1198** $9558
    Split Queen Foundation add $300.00** $1498
    King/E (76″x80″x8″) $9464 $1400 $10864

    Vegan Version available upon request (No Wool) SHIPPING INCLUDED)

  • Split Queen Foundation add $300.00


“The Vegan Ease” Premier Natural Collection (Firm)


Naturally Organic Mattress

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  • Organic King Size Mattresses
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Everything “The Malibu” has to Offer Except the Wool and this one is the Premier collection.

  • We believe we have a system for Vegans or anyone not interested in using wool in a mattress system. Some people are allergic to natural wool, and this is an alternative as well. This mattress is rated firm without a pillow top.If its too firm you can add a natural rubber pillowtop.When you’re looking for the ultimate in eco-purity, The Vegan Ease is the mattress you want. This Firm mattress…provides…support with multiple layers of pristine Staple Cotton fabric, that is free of pesticides, chemical treatments and flame retardants. The Vegan layers are supported by there 10 oz. heavy-duty 100% Organic Cotton fabric to prevent the staple cotton from pocketing into the coils. This Swiss-designed 650ii Royal Flex® Innerspring System provides excellent support and durability. You wont go wrong with this mattress and boxspring. This is Premier.“More than 50 pounds of pre-compressed Staple Cotton fabric go into this mattress. These mattresses are rated firm. This cotton fabric is from the finest long-staple cotton grown in Texas and Southern California and is woven in  Western Germany. They put alot into making a king-size organic Cotton Mattress! ….The inner Cotton padding is enveloped in  Cotton ticking, and woven in the U.S. and Peru.” This ventilates body heat, and is free of chemicals, and quite durable. Most other brands of mattresses use shiny polyester fabrics that contain chemical flame retardants. So stick to the best.This manufacturer hand tufts this mattress the old-fashioned way, with European tufting straps to further pre-compress the Cotton padding for  back support.” They do not use buttons to tuft there mattresses, because buttons will turn on their side creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface down the road. Protect your mattress with an organic wool or cotton mattress protector.Features for the Premier Vegan
    • Mattress height: 9 inches and firm
    • Foundation height: 8.5 inches
    • No Wool. “Doctors or Chiropractors note needed to purchase this mattress.”
    • Cotton ticking and padding is certified organic
    • Royal-Flex® 650i innerspring system has guts.
    • T-Spring side supports strengthen the system
    • Hand-tufted with European tufting straps for support
    • Mold and dust mite resistant. Dust mites hate wool, because its too dry an environment.
    • Made in The USA
                                 Twin    Twin xl  Queen    King      Cal King
    Set                         7232     7426  9558       6910     10,864
    Mattress Only      6550    6727  8360       9464     9464

NOTE: To purchase this mattress, you must have a supporting note from a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Chiropractic. This mattress contains no French Wool Wrap, which naturally provides a fire barrier to pass Federal Fire Law 1633.