Green Sleep Mattresses


The “Nezimo” 3/3/3 System

(9 inches of Latex)


These products are made with Organic Cotton, Pure Texel Virgin Wool,

and Natural Rubber!

Organic Queen Mattress

Due to Covid 19 We are the only East Coast Store selling Greensleep at this time.

The Green Sleep Hevea “Nezimo”

This organic queen mattress consists of 3 layers of natural rubber surrounded by Texel pure grow wool, and organic cotton velour . The bottom layer is a firm 3 inch  layer. The 2 middle layers are (2) 3 inch layers of your choice of medium, firm, or soft. For the middle layers, you can choose different firmness levels for each of the two sleep zones (queen and king only).



Greensleeps Natural Rubber cores come from their very own tree farms above the Equator in Malaysia. These rubber trees have been bud grafted to create the  most pure, elastic rubber anywhere.Their  cores start out as pure liquid latex — Hevea brasiliensis tree, the common rubber tree. It is then harvested by independent farmers in North Malaysia, which in turn,breathes easily and wicks moisture away. Natural rubber is mold resistant and dust mite resistant as well. Natural rubber is the best stuff out there today. Protect your organic queen mattress with a wool or cotton mattress protector  


  • Organic cotton velour cover with the zipper at the top
  • 9” total inches of rubber cores inside make this real nice.
  • 3″ Firm Bottom/(2)-3″ Soft,Medium,or Firm Center/3″Soft top latex cores
  • Natural rubber that is adaptable to your and your partners needs.
  • Personalization of each side of the mattress makes this a very nice feature
  • Texel pure virgin wool
  • Durable, flexible and resilient for the long term
  • Easy to take down and move if need be
  • Mold and dust free . Dust mites hate rubber and wool.
  • Moisture pad quilted inside cover along with a lot of wool all over the mattress top, bottom and sides.
  • Cover is organic cotton velour and smooth to the touch
  • 3 lbs. per square yard of Texel wool and silk – needle punched and quilted in cover make it very fine.
  • 20 year warranty
  • Size
  • Mattress
    Twin (39"x75"x9") $3179
    Twin XL (39"x80"x9") $3179
    Full (54"x75"x9") $4349
    Queen (60"x80"x9") $4349
    King/E (76"x80"x9") $5399
    Cal King (72"x84"x9") $5399
  • PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING Latex Comfort Warranty  Applicable only 1x within the first year of purchase.One request per customer invoice onlyUp to a maximum of 2 layers of latex in the same request for Full,Queen,King,Cal-King sizes.Proof of Purchase Required.Starting date will be the one on the clients invoice.

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    Rubber Tree

    In Belgium way back in 1985  Georges Lambrecht created Greensleep mattresses, and he was right on. It took over 30 years of research with doctors, engineers and sleep specialists to complete the project, but they did a great job. With this organic queen mattress, you will have one of the best sleeps you ever had. The Vimala mattress is ergonomic, and it allows the body to complete the 5 sleeping zones, which are incorporated into the cores and result in  deep sleep. So its zoned.

    Green Sleep is more than revolutionary thinking, its a good night’s sleep.  Green sleep has found sleep products that redefine the way we rest our mind and body. Yes, Green Sleep is a  healthy balance between science, nature and ergonomics. It is a great choice for comfortable, restorative sleep, with cell regeneration on top of all that.

    • Green Sleep Rubber Forest

    Green Sleep has more than 40 years of scientific research, and they were  also  born of necessity; which means, the better we sleep, the better we feel. That’s because undisturbed sleep restores, and rejuvenates. life is too short to not get the sleep we need everyday. We do spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Looking for a truly eco-friendly organic queen mattress? We sell the finest quality and the best collection of these mattresses.

    They designed this organic queen mattress to provide the perfect, natural sleep environment, night after night. Give us a call to purchase one of our organic Greensleep mattresses. You wont regret it. Give yourself piece of mind for the next 20 years.