Organic Mattress Maryland

“Light Years Away From Conventional”

Maryland, Is it time for a new mattress?  The Organic Mattress Store is not that far away. At least by phone. We carry Dunlop latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses and wool mattresses. Many styles and firmnesses to meet many needs.We can run some questions by you for free. Send you a free catalog.

We even have baby mattresses and futons for your pets. We’ve been in business for 18 years and sell some of the best organic mattresses around.  Call us.1-484-851-3636

We also carry bed frames and furniture, sheets, pillows, wool and cotton mattress protectors,and comforters and duvets. Everything is here at the store to try.

Choose what you want, place the order and we will deliver it to you and set it up, all included in the price. Since you are out of state, you pay no sales tax. Also, once you purchase a mattress from us, all top of the bed products are 10% off whenever you need them.

If you would like a catalog, we can send you one.  Just give us a call and we’ll get one right out to you (866-246-9866). You can pay by check (and save 3%), by credit card or we also offer financing from Synchony Bank.