Organic Cotton Duvets and ( Wool Comforters)

Northwest USA Comforter

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These comforters provide excellent temperature regulation on all organic mattresses. Our Wool Comforters are filled with premium Northwest Pure Eco Wool® filling and covered with a soft, high thread count Organic Cotton Sateen. Wool Comforters help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout all seasons, including summer. Wool is naturally Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Sleep your natural best with the comfort of Wool Bedding!

The fabric across the top and bottom, is an organic cotton ticking cover. The cotton ticking is certified organic. Surround yourself with pure pleasure all year long. For colder climates, choose the all season weight. For warmer temperate areas or hotter months, you’ll be blissfully comfortable with the summer weight over you in a real heat wave, nestle on top of the comforter with just a sheet over you. These comforters are versatile and make for a great night’s sleep. Protect your comforter with a duvet. Handmade in the USA.


size summer wool weight price all season wool weight price
Twin (68"x86") $389 (2lbs) $489 (3lbs)
Full/Queen (86"x86") $459 (3lbs) $629 (4lbs)
E-King (86"x100") $516 (3.5lbs) $659 (5lbs)


Duvets/Comforter Covers

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  • Organic Cotton Duvet

Our slightly oversized organic cotton comforter covers, or duvets, are certified organic, and also Fair Trade certified. They give additional warmth to any comforter. Oversizing makes it slightly easier to take the duvet on and off for cleaning. Remember, by the time you put a duvet on a comforter, it’s like adding 2 more sheets, which makes it warmer yet. Added to any weight comforter, it will make your bed warm and cozy. Comes in Crisp Sateen and soft Flannel, 300 thread count. Button enclosure. Made in India.

size flannel (natural) price sateen (natural or white) price
Twin (68"x86") $174 $196
Full/Queen (90"x90") $196 $218
King (90"x102") $218 $229