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The Organic Mattress Store® Inc… is the first and “The Original” product driven Organic Mattress Store. We have been selling nothing but the best around mattresses for 6 days a week, for 12 yrs straight. With us, you’re in good hands. With our mattresses under you, you’re going to be sleeping better than you ever have in your life.Our loyal repeat customers can back us up on that.Located directly between New York City and Philadelphia, we  serve all mattress customers thru out the entire USA. Since 2004 we have brought Peace Of Mind” to thousands of new and repeat natural mattress customers from all over the East Coast and the USA. Wake up physically, emotionally, and intellectually renewed on the Purest  mattress products available.

 100% Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Padding, Organic and Chemical free wool’s, and dunlop Malaysian and Sri-Lankan Natural Rubbers are what we sell. What’s the sense of constantly adding new materials to a mattress? Some things never change. In the conventional mattress market, they talk about the new Eco-friendly technical Polyurethane foam Lamination to keep you cool, water based adhesives, cleaner fire retardants, Formaldehyde Free,(Gee, Thanks),gel fiber pillows etc., etc. Don’t be misled by all that advertising. All of our manufacturers have thought out, and designed something that you will appreciate for the rest of your life. Don’t settle for less. Give yourself “Peace of Mind” for the next 1/3 of your life that you sleep. You owe it to yourself and your family’s health.

January 2017 will mark a full 12 years in business for The Organic Mattress Store. In 2010 we even hired an environment attorney from Washington DC, to check our manufacturers out, and everybody else we deal with. No other retailers have done that. Pardon the pun, but they could not “pull the wool over his eyes”. As a result of his intensive, extremely thorough findings, we exceed all government standards including GOTS certifications. Why have we done it for all these years? We do it to bring to you what you need, in an ever changing world filled with thousands of chemicals in mattresses you don’t need.Its time to move to the highest level.

Made in the USA.

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Organic Latex Mattresses

From an organic twin mattress, to a king, all of our certified  organic cottons for organic mattresses have met the strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program.This means consumers are purchasing natural mattresses from field to finished product. On our showroom floor, we have many different firmness levels of mattresses, which consist of Natural Sri Lankan, and Malaysian Dunlop Rubber, or natural  innerspring mattresses. Sorry, we do not sell Talalay mattresses. All of our natural mattresses are extremely comfortable and designed to significantly reduce stiffness, along with back and shoulder pain, provide pressure relief, significantly reduce motion transfer, and give you a cooler more natural sleep. Come experience Sri Lankan, or Malaysian Natural Dunlop  natural Rubber(Latex), organic cotton, and blends of Organic and chemical free wool’s for the best loft, from the best grouping of  mattress manufacturers in the business today. What side of this  natural mattress business do you want to be on, the conventional side or the organic side. DSC00791

Today, a natural Latex mattress top layer consists of the finest Natural Wool under a top natural layer of 100% certified organic cotton fabric. This natural wool act as a natural fire retardant.Under the wool is the central core of Natural Latex from Sri Lanka, which is tapped out of trees and poured into molds to make the various sizes. Softer natural Latex Pillow tops are built into “The Coconut Grove” mattress, and separate natural latex pillow tops are available for on top of most of our other organic mattresses. Benefits for both natural latex mattresses include less transference of motion between the sleepers,  and “Peace of Mind” knowing your not sleeping on top of a toxic laden conventional mattress, and a 25 year warranty to boot.Try and think of these Natural Mattresses as something you and your partner are going to be sleeping on for a long time. Choose Natural over conventional mattresses, and you will be doing yourself a big favor.

Top Selling Organic Mattresses for the last 12 years

Have Peace Of Mind knowing you will always be receiving the finest natural products available from The Organic Mattress Store Inc. The OMS sales staff are available by phone or email to assist you, or come in to the showroom. Let us be your first and last stop in your search for a natural rubber (Latex), or a natural innerspring mattress, plus all of the top of bed products to go with it. Request a FREE catalog today! Remember your choice of a natural mattress will be the single most natural choice you make in your life.

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