Your Innerspring Mattresses

  • Place your innerspring mattress on top of a box spring or wood slat foundation platform bed.
  • For a longer life, do not allow jumping / bouncing on top of your mattress.
  • Make sure their lined up. Think about using a wool or cotton mattress protector over the mattress. If you don’t you will be spot cleaning your mattress if something ends up on it.
  • Do not use the handles to pick up the mattress. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Flip & rotate your innerspring mattress every 6 months.
  • Remove stains/soiling with a natural/biodegradable stain remover (always test first!)
  • Do not allow your innerspring mattress to get wet, or damp. You can spot clean with vinegar and water if you want. Allow to dry by placing a fan on the wet spot till drying is complete.

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