WIDE AWAKE AT 3A.M.? DON’T LOOK AT YOUR PHONE app or nothing, just sleep


About half of all insomnia sufferers experience this middle of the night sleep maintenance insomnia, so says a professor at the University of California. Next time try these things.

Remain in Bed. Your heart needs to slow down. When you get up you elevate it

Stay in the Dark. Led lights from your phone can feel intrusive. Same with light coming thru cracks in the curtain. Cover up all the lights.

Block out Noise. It’s got to be completely silent in the bedroom when sleeping. Turn on that white noise machine if that helps, but if not go silent to the max.

Adjust the Temperature. If the room is warm, adjust the temperature. 65 degrees is the best sleeping temperature.

Quiet you’re Mind. Worrying about the past or future can cause a surge in stress related chemicals in the brain. These fires up the heart rate, and core temperature.

Think Positively. No explaining needed here.