Why The Organic Rubber Mattress Is Gaining Popularity Gradually

The organic rubber mattress is one of the products that you are likely to come across when looking into organic and natural beds. The genuine article is made with natural Dunlop latex or rubber from Malaysia or Sri Lanka and it never goes through a conventional manufacturing process where the materials and the mattress are treated with chemicals to enhance their quality and service life. This is why organic rubber mattresses are considered safer and healthier than conventional synthetic foam mattresses and mass-produced memory foam beds. These reasons have contributed to the rising popularity of these mattresses, too.

Natural latex mattresses promote good health and may promote your overall sense of well-being. This is because of the material’s ability to maintain a neutral temperature, so your sleeping surface does not feel too hot or too cold. Rubber mattresses allow air to circulate better, so body perspiration can quickly dissipate and not be absorbed. This way, moisture is not retained and mold formation can be prevented.

The absence of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials make organic rubber mattress healthier and suitable for people with eczema, hay fever, and other skin and respiratory conditions. Natural latex naturally repels dust mites, so they do not thrive in your mattress to cause uncomfortable itching. Organic rubber makes the sleeping surface more comfortable as it contours to follow the shape of your body. That way, you wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated due to the absence of backaches and other body pains.

Some manufacturers of organic rubber mattresses have contributed to the increasing popularity of these products, too. Green Sleep, for instance, uses two 1½ inches of soft rubber layers over individually coiled innerspring sections to provide a more comfortable sleep surface. Reputable manufacturers offer their organic rubber mattresses in different firmness levels, so you should be able to find the best one that suits your standards for comfort.