Why Parents Are Preferring Organic Baby Mattresses These Days

Parents are always concerned with the safety of their children, so they make sure that everything they buy for their kids is non-toxic and safe. Organic baby mattresses are among the products that are preferred by moms and dads to ensure a healthier and happy baby. Unlike typical mattresses, an organic mattress is not treated with any toxic substances to make it flame-retardant, and resistant to dust mites, and made to last longer. With an organic baby mattress, you can be sure that your little angel is sleeping on a surface that is safe and will not poison him or her.

A non-organic mattress can be as bad as cigarettes in which it contains carcinogens and other cancer-causing agents. There are no laws on the amount of chemicals that manufacturers should put in their mattresses or how many of those toxic substances must be disclosed to consumers. Typical mattresses are made using many different petroleum-based chemicals, flame retardants, plastics, and foams, and research has revealed that many of these toxic substances are being released from the product over time. Your baby’s body could be absorbing those toxic substances as he or she sleeps.

You can never be truly sure about the safety of a conventional, non-organic foam mattress for your baby’s crib. Researchers discovered that conventional petroleum-based chemicals are linked to a weakened nervous system and poor immune system. Flame retardants are typically made of hazardous chemicals like boric acid, decabromodiphenyl oxide, and antimony, and these are linked to memory and hair loss, lung and heart damage, and reproductive disorders. Exposure to these chemicals has been linked to memory and learning deficit issues, skin irritation, kidney and lung damage, and cancers, too.

When you prefer an organic baby mattress, you can be sure that you are letting your baby sleep in a safer and healthier environment. High-quality baby mattresses are made of natural latex, with extra firmness to support your baby. They come with a top layer of organic cotton fabric, too. Natural latex promotes good air circulation to keep your baby cool, especially when it is hot, and it regulates body temperature. Moreover, it naturally repels dust mites to prevent allergic reactions.