Why Choose Organic Bed Mattresses

Organic mattresses are the choice of many who wish to make a healthier home. These mattresses are made of non-toxic, organic materials as opposed to chemically questionable materials of which conventional mattresses are made. Many health professionals also recommend them as a way of avoiding constant and unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.

Organic mattresses use three basic ingredients, namely, cotton, organic latex, and wool. These materials are innately hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites and bedbugs. They are also cultivated in the most organic means possible, thus avoiding exposure to pesticides and other chemicals that off-gas over time.

True organic mattresses are made using purely natural components. Synthetic and poly blends as well as other materials used in conventional mattresses like memory foam along with gel compounds that help in temperature regulation may breakdown over an extended period of time. This breaking down will not only create an uneven sleeping surface, but cause off-gassing, which has been linked to health-related issues, ranging from minor allergies to other ailments. Mattresses that are made out of polyurethane form and other petroleum-based chemicals are highly flammable. Because beddings are required to be flame-resistant, manufacturers use flame retardant chemicals to comply.

Organic mattresses contain materials such as wool, which are naturally flame-resistant and can naturally regulate body temperature. Latex rubber on the other hand, helps relieve pressure points and has elastic qualities that allow comfortable movement without interrupting sleep. Natural latex is also very durable and can last for at least 30 years. A combination of various natural materials in beddings provides superior health and comfort advantages. This is why switching to natural organic mattresses and beddings is a good first step to creating a healthier home, especially when you have growing kids. Early converts to organic mattresses experience less allergies and sleep disruptions.