Why Are Naturally Organic Mattresses Better Than Synthetic Mattresses

When gradually shifting to a healthier lifestyle, it is important to go beyond changing your eating habits or quitting bad habits, and consider your choices in products like bedding. If you are still using a conventional box spring or foam mattress, you will find switching to a naturally organic mattress to be beneficial for your health and well-being. Many people who have changed their synthetic mattresses to naturally organic mattresses have reported improved sleep quality and waking up feeling more refreshed, without sore spots and aching body parts. Here are reasons why these mattresses are better than typical synthetic mattresses:

  • They are very clean compared to Synthetic mattresses – Manufacturers of synthetic mattresses typically douse their products in toxic flame retardant chemicals like PBDE, and they are not required to disclose what they do. Hence, you could be sleeping on a mattress that is slowly poisoning and killing you. PBDE has already been banned in Europe, Canada, and several states, since it can off-gas from the synthetic mattress and accumulate in your body over time, causing reproductive issues, thyroid problems, and some types of cancer. Natural organic mattresses will not make you sick. In fact, they may help improve your health, especially if you have allergies.
  • They are hypoallergenic – Naturally organic mattresses are made with pure and clean materials like natural latex or rubber, organic or natural wool, and organic cotton. The materials are grown, harvested, and processed without using any harmful chemicals, so their natural properties like the natural flame retardant in wool and the dust mite repellent action in natural latex and natural wool are preserved. They have anti-bacterial properties that can help reduce the chances of mold and fungus thriving in the mattress, too.
  • Organic mattresses help you sleep comfortably – They can maintain a neutral temperature, keep you warm in the winter, and keep you cool in the summer. They provide good support for your body, so you wake up without any backaches and sore spots. The materials are breathable, so perspiration does not accumulate in the mattress.