Where to Find Affordable Natural Wood Bed Frames

The experience of sleeping on an organic mattress can be better when it is placed on a natural wood bed frame. Environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals, natural wood bed frames are practical for the home that embraces a healthy and green lifestyle. You can purchase almost any kind of wood bed frame online, but you need to be extra careful when considering where to buy versions that are made of natural wood. Here are tips to find an affordable natural wood bed frame:

  • Look for a store that specializes in organic bedding – Reputable retailers of organic beds are likely to carry a good selection of wood frames, too. Hence, be sure to check with the store where you purchased your organic mattress or look up another retailer that sells high-quality and authentic natural wood bed frames. Some stores offer financing options, too.
  • Find out who made the bed frame – Some of the best natural wood bed frames are made by the Amish. Buying one lets you contribute to their livelihood, and you get the assurance that you are investing in a solid and very durable product that can last for generations. The Amish use solid wood to eliminate transference of motion, which occurs when you toss or turn on the mattress.
  • Find out what kind of wood is used – The best natural wood bed frames are made of solid cherry, North American ash, walnut, brown maple, oak, and walnut. These are all excellent hardwoods known for their beautiful grain.
  • Learn the construction method – The wood is hand-sanded to ensure a finer finish. If you prefer the bed frame to be stained, only organic stains will be used. Natural wood bed frames have a solid construction with metal on metal connectors to ensure easy assembly and good strength. Hardwood is used for slats.