What’s in Your Baby’s Mattress?

When preparing for a baby, every decision is important. Parents do their best to provide their children with safe products that will promote healthy development. They may want to make sure the baby’s food does not contain GMOs and that the child’s toys do not pose any choking hazards. But what about the potential health risks babies encounter while sleeping? The majority of ordinary baby mattresses contain harmful chemicals that are released into the air your baby breathes while sleeping. And since babies typically sleep for about 14-16 hours per day, the release of toxins from their mattress (a process known as off-gassing) exposes your child to a significant intake of harmful chemicals. Find out more about what is in an ordinary baby mattress and see how they stack up against organic mattresses in our new infographic.

Baby Mattress Infographic

So how does your baby’s mattress fare? Have you witnessed any tactics of greenwashing while shopping for your family? If you are interested in learning more about our healthy alternatives to ordinary, chemical-laden mattresses, please view our selection of organic baby mattresses. You may also feel free to contact the Organic Mattress Store at anytime. We would love to hear from you!