What to Look For When Purchasing Organic Twin Mattress

Avoid getting ripped off and know these major things you should look for when shopping for natural, non-toxic mattresses to keep your family healthy:

  • Take the organic route. Just because it is labeled organic, doesn’t mean it follows the strictest standards. To make sure that you are buying authentic organic mattresses, choose suppliers that you can trust. Real organic mattresses use unbleached organic cotton and organic fill with organic dyes. It is crucial that you avoid chemically treated fabrics, especially when you or someone in your family has sensitive skin. At least 25% of the world’s pesticides are used on cotton crops, making it quite hard to avoid products that don’t contain them. By choosing your supplier carefully, you guarantee the highest level of protection from these toxic chemicals. The industry standard for organic cotton covers include organic tops, polyester fills, and unbleached cotton backings. When shopping for an organic mattress, make sure that the product is organic all the way through.
  • If you prefer organic mattress, you can choose from synthetic, natural, or latex blends with varying percentage of synthetic and natural latex content. Latex mattresses are produced from rubber tree sap, frothed up and baked to create latex of varying firmness. Natural latex is an attractive choice because of its health benefits and durability. Latex can last at least 20 years and does not lose its structure and feel unlike many synthetics that often dry out.
  • Organic fillings are also a great choice. Also called batting, organic fills are often used to pad latex foam and cover springs. Organic cotton and wool are common batting materials and are great alternatives for more expensive organic varieties. Batting fibers help soften mattress surfaces and are commonly used for mattress toppings.