What to Look For When Purchasing an Organic Latex Mattress

The best organic mattresses available today are made of natural latex derived from the milk sap of rubber trees growing in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Rubber tapping is considered a sustainable process that produces environmentally friendly mattresses, so you can sleep guilt-free.

Natural latex is an excellent regulator of body temperature. It is also resistant to dust mites and microbial organisms, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritations. Natural latex resists packing down and is very durable well. Because of highly elastic and buoyant qualities, it allows you to roll from side to back or side to belly very easily, preventing disruptions in your natural sleep patterns. It also molds to your body and therefore relieves pressure, so you wake up feeling totally energized and renewed.
The best organic latex mattresses are wrapped in organic cotton covers quilted inside with wool batting that promotes air flow, therefore creating a drier and cooler sleeping environment. The batting likewise acts as natural flame retardants, eliminating the need for chemical fire retardants that have been proven harmful to the health.

When buying a mattress, look for the ‘certified organic’ label from the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS). This assures you that the mattress is indeed made from organic raw materials and went through a completely organic manufacturing process.

You should also look at the level of firmness. ‘Medium firm’ is good for people who prefer medium support. Go for a mattress labeled ‘firm’ if you are on the heavier side and prefer a denser surface to sleep on.

A good organic mattress comes with a removable covers made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. You can remove it yearly and proceed to rotate and flip the core. These covers can make it much easier to replace the rubber core or cover if need be. You can spot clean this cover with water and vinegar, or take it to a green dry cleaner. It might also be a good idea to buy organic cotton or wool mattress protectors.