What to Look for Before Buying Rubber Latex Mattress

There are many different kinds of mattress core materials that you can choose from as you try to make healthier choices for your home and family. Natural rubber latex is the material of choice of many homemakers and home owners for many reasons. When shopping for rubber latex mattresses, here are some things you ought to look for:

  • The material’s purity– Don’t settle for a rubber latex mattress that is only a certain percent natural and several percent synthetic or something that is blended with other kinds of fillers. Choose a mattress that has passed high standards of quality.
  • Comfort and support– Your sleeping surface should provide pressure relief and proper support for your back and spine. This said, you should choose a latex mattress that has a responsive surface and conforms to your shape. Many natural latex foams have a layered design, which allows for different levels of softness or firmness. The best latex mattresses are also breathable and do not cause moisture build-up, which also contributes to comfort.
  • Sustainability– Choose manufacturers or distributors that only support sustainable methods of latex production and follow strict standards when it comes to organic certifications. Supporting organic farmers means supporting the use of organic fertilizers instead of herbicides and chemical pesticides to produce natural latex from pure rubber tree sap or serum. Organic latex is naturally sustainable as it comes from rubber trees, which can yield sap for 30 years or even longer. Latex also biodegrades naturally and the maxed out rubberwood can be used to create different kinds of furniture.
  • Durability– Make sure that the mattress you buy offers a durability guarantee. Typically, natural latex can last as long as 3 traditional mattresses, while maintaining shape and resilience to contaminants and allergens.