What Are the Benefits of Organic Wool Mattress Protectors for Kids?

An organic wool mattress protector is one of the essential accessories you can buy for a child’s bed. Children who are very young are prone to having ‘accidents’ so it can be a bit challenging to keep kids’ mattresses clean and bacteria-free. Aside from pee and drool, sweat may accumulate in the mattress, too. If left unclean, the mattress can become the perfect environment for mildew, fungi, and mold growth—all of which can make the kids’ sleeping environment unhealthy and toxic. While there are waterproof mattress protectors that you can puton the bed, most of these are uncomfortable and may contain harmful chemicals that can off-gas and affect a child’s health. It’s often better to invest in an organic wool mattress protector.

Unlike waterproof plastic mattress protectors, an organic wool mattress protector does not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause the bed to smell odd and turn your child’s bed into an object that can slowly poison him or her in the long run. Organic wool is highly recommended to kids who are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals that are present in plastics like PVC or vinyl, EVA, and polyurethane. Hence, you do not have to worry about chemicals off-gassing and causing asthma, neurological or developmental disorders, skin disorders, and cancer.

An organic wool mattress protector naturally repels water and dries easily, making it a better alternative to conventional plastic mattress protectors. Organic wool contains lanolin, the property of the material that naturally repels dust mites. The protector is easy to clean, too. It can be washed in lukewarm water or spot cleaning with water and vinegar solution, then dried by hanging or in a dryer on easy cycle. Wool can cool the body, too, since it can easily whisk moisture away when the body feels hot. Likewise, it keeps the body warm during the colder months.