Washington Dc.

Organic Mattress Washington DC


Yep, its a ride, but well worth it since you will have this mattress for well over 25 yrs.Washington Dc. is a place of super importance to The Organic Mattress Store. Since its right down the road we have had huge success in selling mattresses to this city since 2004. Our delivery guys hit it up weekly on the way to out other deliveries up and down the East Coast.  

Besides the drive up here, which only takes 2 hours, you have peace of mind knowing you are getting exactly what you tried up here. If you buy online from Casper, Avocado, and Sattva, you don’t know what you are getting. Yea, you have a 90 day trial if you don’t like it, but its a huge hassle in the end.

You have to box it up, wait for the next one, if that will work,  and then hope the next one works as well. Coming to us, you get to try the mattresses, we bring all the pillows over to match them up with the mattress you like the best, and then you have peace of mind knowing your set up for 25 yrs. Yep. these mattresses come with a very good warranty.

The manufacturers like us since we been doing business with them for the past 14 yrs. Our manufacturers don’t hassle us over the small stuff as well.  Washington Dc. is muggy most of the time. Its below the ocean water level. Its humid.

Our natural latex works the best in humid climates. Since its a natural latex from Maylasia, or Sri-Lanka, or Guatemala, it is moisture resistant, and the dust mites hate it as well, its a perfect product for Washington Dc. I wish i could of sold one to one of the presidents, because maybe it would help out there thinking. And our presidents need all the help they can get. Come on down to The Organic Mattress Store soon and get it done right.