Washing your washable wool products

Our mattress protectors and some wool pillows are machine washable and dryable.  It is important to wash these items with care.  Frequent washing will strip the fibers of the lanolin, removing some of the beneficial properties of wool.  It is recommended that these items be washed in a gentle or hand-washable cycle.  It is important that the water is cold.  To increase the longevity and softness of the wool, use a natural wool wash such as Eucalan or Kookaburra.  These items can be dried in a drier on a low setting or sun dried. Or just spot clean w/ vinegar and water and hang to dry. This avoids the washing away of the lanolin’s in the wools that are beneficial.


Cleaning up Accidents

Accidents happen, but our wool mattress pads can be gently hand-washed.  Make sure to avoid warm/hot water and to dry the item completely before use.

  • Run water through the soiled area with a natural soap, vinegar or lemon and water until clean. For larger stains, fill bathtub or basin with cool/tepid water. Add a bit of detergent to the water or directly to soiled area.
  • Submerge soiled area and swish gently in the water.
  • Drain the basin, press water out of the bedding, and repeat as desired.
  • Avoid wringing and twisting the wet wool.
  • To remove odors, you can dilute vinegar in water and pour through the soiled areas.

Again, be sure the item is thoroughly dry before using.


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