Waking up in the middle of the nite

If you wake up in the nite it no big deal. Everybody does it some time or another. Most people have no trouble falling back asleep.But if this happens alot there is an underlying problem. For alot of people its too many liquids after 6pm, therefore a few trips to the bathroom. For others its eating too late at nite and the energy of the food kicks in and its impossible to go back asleep, so your up for 2 hours watching tv or on the computer killing time until you feel like you can go back asleep again..It could also be insomnia. Insomnia is caused by stress and anxiety.There you are thinking about paying your bills,or worrying about being rested for that big board meeting the next day.So now levels of adrenaline arise and increase the heart rate and arousal. At this point forget about going back to sleep. So do the next best thing and dont worry about it because theres not too much your going to be able to do about it. Do some stretching or breathing exercises.Do you meditate, if so give it a try. More on this subject our next blog.

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