Use Organic Cotton Bath Towels for An Ultimate Bath Experience

Switching to organic cotton bath towels can be the best thing you could ever do for yourself to make your bathing experience feel more luxurious. Unlike typical towels, they are made of 100 percent organic cotton from the field to the finished product. Hence, they are free of harmful and toxic substances that could irritate your skin and affect your health. Think pure, clean white towels that are made according to the most stringent environmental and social standards using certified organic cotton. Some of the best organic cotton bath towels are made in India where tightly woven long staple combed cotton fibers are used to create ultra-soft terry loops and a short pile.

When you bathe, you are ridding your body of dirt and other elements that could affect your health. After bathing, you want to make sure your body stays clean longer, and your choice in bath towels can affect that. Conventional and cheap colored towels could be made of synthetic fibers and toxic dyes that could harm your health and cause skin disorders and other health conditions like cancer, erectile dysfunction in men, fertility problems, and neurological disorders. High-quality organic cotton bath towels come in white or natural. Hence, you can be sure that there are no pesticides, dyes, bleach, artificial pigments, and chemicals. Organic cotton is simply washed before being de-sized.

Organic cotton bath towels are soft and feel luxurious to the touch. The soft cotton fibers will not scratch or scrape you, making them great if you have sensitive skin. They are good for children, too. Organic cotton is highly absorbent, so you will be dry in no time. Moreover, they do not retain moisture, so they can dry faster and more easily than synthetic fibers. That way, your organic cotton bath towel will not become breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungus.