What Are The Top Reasons To Buy A Wool Mattress Topper

9 Comfortable hours of sleep can be therapeutic and joyful. To ensure that, you might want a mattress topper. As the name suggests, the topper has been made of wool that is known for its outstanding features and goodness. Having a wool mattress topper on your mattress will ensure the complete control of moisture and temperature. This is also helpful in maintaining body temperature. We at, The East Coast Organic Mattress Store aims to provide you the best of the nature essence to keep you healthier and happier.This is California, Oregon wool were talking about Made in the USA.

Wool Mattress Topper

When you are buying a wool mattress topper, you simply get the benefits of its inherent breathability and active moisture maintaining properties. The 100% organic cotton fabric is gentle and soothing on the skin. This eliminates the clamminess on your skin.

Here is the comprehensive elaboration of benefits of wool mattress topper.

1. Maintains temperature
Unlike other synthetic fibres, wool is a natural fibre and has the quality of breathability that will ultimately ensures the wellbeing of your health. It has got the amazing feature of balancing temperature. It keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters.

2. A great blend
When it comes to style and design, you will find 2 options to choose from. We carry a 2” and a 3” topper in our inventory.

3. Pleasure while sleeping
Once you lie on the wool mattress topper, you will take your comfort to the next level. The utmost relaxing feeling is absolutely divine and pleasing. The natural aesthetics of wool have the ability to accomodate any of your sleeping disorders.

4. Mildew resistant
As these mattress toppers are made of wool material, these toppers also have the properties to eliminate moisture from your mattress. In case, you mistakenly spread a liquid item, it has the ability to soak up quickly. The fibre of the mattress allows the moisture to surpass without even retaining it. But always remember to protect your mattress topper with a wool mattress pad. They are about 1/16th of an inch thick, but are tightly woven merino wool. They work. You can dump a glass of water on them and it’s like holding water in a glass.

5. Fire resistant
Every home owners first priority is to have a mattress topper that are fire-resistant. It will also allow you not to use any chemical-based fire-retardant type toppers.

To Sum It Up
A wool mattress topper plays a crucial role in ensuring that your every night’s sleep is of utmost pleasure and comfort. If you want to enjoy these above-mentioned benefits, then contact us to get a wool mattress topper at a reasonable price. We have been selling these topper now for 14 years and they hold up nicely.