Tips to Choose Organic Sheets Made in the USA


Organic sheets are your mattress’ first line of defense against stains and accidents, but if you are not careful, they could be the source of allergies and discomfort. For this reason, more consumers are considering purchasing sheets that are certified organic. Some of the best organic sheets are made in the USA as they are made of organic cotton from reputable sources, from the farms in India. Sheets that are made of this material are comfortable, soft, and comfortable. Apart from that, they are highly preferred for that luxurious look and feel. Use these tips when choosing organic sheets that are made in the USA:

  • Look for a store that specializes in organic bedding – Leading organic mattress retailers in the US have a showroom you can visit to personally explore their products. They carry a wide variety of organic bedding that you could need with your new organic mattress, such as pillows, sheets, blankets, and mattress toppers, too. One of the best retailers and showrooms is in Pennsylvania, located between Philadelphia and New York, but customers from all over the US buy from it due to its good reputation in the green mattress industry since 2004
  • Make sure the sheets are made of 100 percent organic cotton – New claims of the GOTS on certified organic cotton can be misleading because it now allows the material to be called as such, even if it is a blend of 70 percent organic cotton and 30 percent synthetic recycled fibers. Be sure to read the label and product information before you buy the sheets to make sure that it is completely 100% organic from the field to the finished product.
  • Ensure fair trade practices – Always make sure that the organic sheets are produced by a fair trade partner that gives importance to its cotton farmers while ensuring that the organic cotton is ethically farmed and sourced. This way, you can be confident that by buying the product, you are able to give back to the farmers, too.
  • Go for a higher thread-count – If you want buttery smooth, superfine, and lustrous organic sheets, look for a product that has a 250-300 thread count of an organic cotton weave. Higher thread count is preferred if you want the sheets to be durable and comfortable, even after 100 wash cycles.