Tips on Shopping for an Organic Queen Mattress

Not all the so-called organic queen mattresses you see in stores are truly organic. As a consumer, you have to extra vigilant. Some manufacturers and distributors label their mattresses’‘ partly organic’ or ‘all-natural’ when in truth; their products are nothing more than synthetic mattresses doused in harmful chemicals and fire retardants. Misleading words tend to be the norm these days. To truly get the best value for your money, keep these things in mind:

Go for organic natural dunlop latex from Sri Lanka.

The best organic queen mattresses on the market are made using natural latex sustainably harvested from the forests of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Natural latex is hailed for being a superior body temperature regulator. It is also naturally resistant to microbial organisms, and dust mites, so you never have to worry about allergies.

Aside from these benefits, natural latex also resists packing down. It is very durable and highly elastic allowing you to roll comfortably on the mattress very easily without disrupting your sleep. There is very little transference of motion. Its buoyancy mould to your body to relieve pressure. The result is? You feel energized and totally renewed when you wake up.

Check the wrapping or cover.
Truly organic mattresses have organic cotton ticking, or covering, with wool batting under that to allow air flow and create cooler and drier sleeping conditions. The wool batting is a natural flame retardant, so organic mattress no longer need to be doused in fire retardants that have been linked to many health problems, including cancer. Removable covers on some models are made of certified organic cotton are easy to spot clean using a simple water and vinegar solution.

Check the firmness.

Are you on the heavier side? Then you might need a denser “firm” queen mattress.  Go or “medium firm” if your weight is average.