Tips for Caring for Your Organic Baby Mattress with a wool mattress protector/no corner straps.

Organic Baby Mattress

Your baby is going to spend the majority of his or her infant life on their crib mattress or cushioned play pen. Unfortunately, these sleeping and play surfaces are magnets for dirt, dust, spills, dust mites, bugs, pests, mold, and mildew, especially without proper maintenance and care. These are elements that can most definitely exacerbate allergic conditions, skin irritations, and other health issues that your child might have, and they are exactly why you should know how to take proactive steps to care for your organic baby mattress and prevent your baby’s beddings from getting soiled:

  • First tip you should remember to prolong the life of your organic baby mattress is investing on organic mattress covers and protectors, which create an efficient barrier between your baby (i.e., their spills) and the mattress. Crib mattress covers and pads keep your baby mattress from getting soiled, therefore minimizing moisture and the potential for bacteria to grow and fester. This makes maintenance a lot easier.
  • Routine mattress cleaning and maintenance using safe products is a must. Find out about the safest cleaning agents (preferably organic) available to you. Fortunately for the health-conscious, most local retail shops now offer specialty products and organic household items that minimize your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Bi-weekly cleaning is a good approach to mattress maintenance, especially if you are prone to spills and moisture. You may also opt to alternate mattress sides to make cleaning lighter. A simple sweep of the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis can help keep actual washings and wet-cleaning to a minimum.