Things to Consider When Buying a King Size Organic Mattress

Buying a King Size Organic Mattress

Choosing the correct mattress size doesn’t require much. In many cases, you only have to go with the size of bed that you have, but did you know that the right bed/mattress size plays a huge part in your sleep quality? If you find yourself feeling ill-rested and un-refreshed after a full 8 hours of sleep or more, then you might have outgrown the comfort that your smaller bed can offer. Upgrading to a bigger mattress size is probably the way to go.

Fortunately, organic mattresses also come in large, king, and Cal-King sizes. Like conventional mattresses, you will find these healthier choices in your standard and sometimes even custom dimensions. There are several factors that should affect your choice of mattress size. These include your height and weight, the number of people using the mattress (at once), the supporting fixture you will use around the mattress, and especially the size of your bedroom. Sharing a mattress or bed with another person obviously calls for larger mattress dimensions. Here are other things you should consider when searching the market for the right-size bed:

  • The length of your mattress should be 6 inches longer (at the minimum) than your height or the height of the tallest person using the bed.
  • The mattress should be wide enough to support a comfortable distance from the bed’s edge. This applies to both single and multiple-person sleepers.
  • When buying for a growing kid, consider height allowance.

There is no strict rule when it comes to choosing a mattress or bed size, but if you want to create the optimal sleep environment, choose a bed that is large enough to accommodate a restful sleep. Other things you should consider when buying an organic mattress include the mattress thickness, its firmness, as well as its design, especially if you are not a fan of springs. In todays market a lot of people are moving up from Queen mattresses to Kings because there is more width in a king. 16 more inches wide to be exact. This means there will be even less transference of motion at nite, which means a much better sleep for both people. Imagine not having to feel the other person getting up in the middle of the nite at all. There is a small and I do mean very small group of people who still prefer the feel of a King innerspring mattress. They like the movement, and its something they grew up on, so some things never change.