The Art of the Nap



Unplugging from Life without apology

Animals, people, all deserve a nap . We take em daily at the store. Yep, a customer might walk in. So what am i supposed to do. I will tell you what i will do. Close my eyes and doze off and let the other salesperson in the store take care of them. Its Nap time. Don’t let the business and people stop you from napping. You will feel 100% better after the nap. Take em for 15-45 minutes, or until you wake up. If you are on the clock, take a 20 minuter.. Let your blood pressure get lowered, boost immunity, and improve your motor skills. Enhance your job performance while your at it.  Lets nourish the most neglected part of life, the inner life. Refuel me time. Yep, that’s what were talking about. Just follow through. all this crap on the internet can take a break. In fact you wont miss it one bit. Pleasant dreams.  And while your at it get your nap on an organic mattress..   1-484-851-3636