Only 37% of americans are getting adequate rest. They don’t even get the 7-8 hours recommended .  52% say they get less than 6 hours of daily rest. That’s a heart attach waiting to happen. Only 7% reported a good 9 or more hours a nite. 60% says they sleep very good.  36% are rating there sleep as not so good. 4% says its very bad.  Simple things like educating people about how to sleep well is a good first step. Let em take a nap daily if that will help. It helps..Let your employees know improved sleep hygiene and healthier habits have shown good improvements in the workplace. And less complaints as the day goes on.You might have to encourage your employees to seek medical care or visit an accredited sleep center. Get your workplace into a more alert center. Get em on an organic mattress    1-484-851-3636