Some Facts About Organic Wool Mattress Protector

Protecting your organic mattress is as important as protecting any other investment, like how you would buy insurance for your home or car. Consider buying an organic wool mattress protector. Also known as a ‘mattress pad,’ organic wool mattress protectors are naturally water repellent, and in case they get wet, they dry fast. This makes them perfect for the elderly, children, and infirm sleepers. The best ones are oversized to ensure maximum protection for your organic bed. You can purchase organic wool mattress protectors online. Simply look for a reputable organic mattress retailer that is known to sell high-quality organic and natural mattresses.

A high-quality organic wool mattress protector comes with corner straps for a snug fit on your bed. Some manufacturers carry wool moisture pads for cribs, too. The mattress protector is easy to wash in case an accident happens. You can usually spot clean stains with water and vinegar, or machine wash the entire organic wool mattress protector in lukewarm water, then use an easy cycle in the dryer or hang it out to dry naturally.

Some of the best organic wool mattress protectors are made in Pennsylvania. Organic wool is an excellent material for mattress pads or protectors because it neutralizes the body temperature and will not feel too hot or too cold. It efficiently and quickly absorbs and releases moisture. Its microclimate aspect helps prevent thermal stress, which typically occurs when it is humid and when your body cannot regulate its temperature.

Organic wool is naturally hypoallergenic and can repel dust mites.  It is naturally flame retardant, too. This means wool is never treated with toxic and harmful chemicals, making it safer to use in the long run. You do not have to worry about cancer-causing toxic flame retardants off-gassing from the organic wool mattress protector. You get a cushy layer to the mattress, too, so you can sleep more comfortably at night.