What are Sleep Phones? Throw them in the trash is our advice.

Okay, I get it: the Internet needs another article claiming to have found the secret to better sleep almost as much as Instagram needs another influencer revealing their skincare routine. A.k.a the advice is bound to work half the time at best and be an absolute fail at worst.

But if I were someone who swears (which I do, but in the “I can’t f@#* sleep” way, not the “hand on a Bible” way), I’d swear that I really have discovered the one thing that helps me fall—and stay—asleep:

So,Just what are Sleep Phones?

These are the super thin speakers that sit inside the Sleep Phones band.

Sleep Phones look like a regular old headband but inside that headband—which is incredibly comfortable and, even better, washable—are two flat speakers. Those speakers connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can drift off listening to the music or sounds of your choosing.

Besides eliminating the pain that is trying to sleep with regular earbuds in, the Sleep Phones’ flat speakers drown out annoying outside noise (like traffic, construction, or loud neighbors) that makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. And if you’re someone who needs complete darkness, they can double as an eye mask—just pull the headband down so it sits over your eyes instead of pushed up on your forehead. I’ve done this when I’m staying in hotels or trying to sleep on the plane and the fabric really is thick enough to block out most light. Look. this all sounds cool and all, but get yourself on an organic mattress first before you go trying these sleep phones. For 15 yrs now we been selling these mattresses and i for one have not talked to one customer about a sleep phone.  Theorganicmattressstore.com / 866-246-9896