Sleep Apnea can have deadly consequences

First of all the most frequent cause is obesity. Some of the symptoms are like not breathing for a total of 10 seconds at a time, followed by a snore as the person is gasping for breath.These symptoms can risk a stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. Its not a good idea¬† to be driving while tired since it might lead to an accident. Lose weight for one. Take a home based test for two. It costs alot less than a study. There is a nitetime device called CPAP.(continuous positive airway pressure). But studies found people don’t use them consistently. You can try putting a tennis ball in the back of your PJ’s. This will keep you from rolling over on your back. What we heard is just lose 25 lbs and your on the road to recovery. Stay away from alcohol, opoids,and benzodiazepines. they make your apnea even worse than it already is.