Silent Toxins in the Bedroom

Sleep time is so important and a great organic mattress is one of the best ways to eliminate chemical toxins from your home & especially your bedroom. Flame retardants are in so many conventional products from your mattress, furniture & carpets, just to name a few. Toxins in your environment make it hard for your body to recharge & rejuvenate while you sleep.  A Natural Rubber mattress surrounded with organic cotton & wool as the flame retardant is not only super comfy, it is a healthy sleep environment in many ways, but that is just the tip of the ice berg

These days lots of us are “plugged in’’ too many hours a day. Studies show that eliminating hidden toxins called EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) help you unwind.  For at least an hour before bedtime, you should turn off your television, computer & cell phone or eliminate it from your bedroom all together so you can sleep better.

You don’t want to be awake for hours because your brain is still on. There are chemical toxins, and environmental toxins, electronics are one of the biggest environmental toxins that disturb your sleep, The best way to fall asleep is to be relaxed, a comfortable natural rubber mattress will contour to your body and allow you get a good night sleep. But many people get into bed with their brain still on overdrive. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it’s hard to get your brain to stop.

Getting into a routine is important for relaxing your mind, so knowing what you can do to get a good restful night sleep is key to success.

  1. Turn off All Electronics 1 hour before bedtime
  2. Create a Bedtime Routine
  3. Read / put down the electronics
  4. Take a Hot Bath or Shower
  5. Develop Relaxation Exercise

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