Rubber Latex Mattress: One of Its Kind

Rubber latex mattresses are made using the sap or milk of rubber tree. Organically produced rubber mattresses offer comfort and durability. In fact, the highest quality rubber mattresses can last up to 30 years or more, without softening or forming depressions. This makes organic rubber mattresses the perfect choice for those who want healthy, long-lasting mattresses that will not go lumpy or lose firmness over time. Natural latex rubber also have the natural ability to regulate temperature, keeping you cool during warm seasons, and warm during cooler months. Compared with spring mattresses, rubber mattresses offer even support and conform to the body quite well, which makes them the choice of most people who often have back problems.

Latex mattresses are also naturally resistant to contaminants like mold and mildew, bacteria, and dust mites, which commonly lurk within conventional mattresses. This makes them the perfect choice for staple beddings not only in homes but in recreational vehicles and boats.

This said, you should also know that not all latex mattresses are created equal. Some manufacturers that promote their latex mattresses to be natural may not even be 100% truthful about their claims. This is why you should be careful in sourcing your organic mattresses and purchase only from trusted names in the industry. There are several types of latex rubber commonly used in mattresses, including dunlop latex and talalay, which offer excellent longevity and structural integrity.

Latex mattresses are considered the Cadillac of the mattress world. They offer superior quality and often don’t require turning or flipping even when used for quite some time. Your choice of mattress thickness should be based not only on your firmness preference, but also on your weight so the mattress won’t bottom out and lose its quality fast.