Recycling Laws and Mattresses

Recently the mattress industry created a new group called the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC). This came about in answer to a growing need for a program in the United States. In 2013 California, Connecticut and Rhode Island passed legislation requiring mattress recycling programs. Personally, if I can’t compost it, I recycle whatever possible, and then we share trash removal with our neighbor because we have so little most of the time we don’t even fill up the can between the two of us.

But back to mattresses, while I think this program is fantastic, we wouldn’t have so many thrown away mattresses if more people bought Organic Mattresses. They are made with three basic ingredients, natural rubber, eco wool and organic cotton, all sourced naturally. No synthetic fibers, flame retardant chemicals, no plastic or poly layers to pollute you and the environment. Better yet, they are built to last, unlike conventional products that in general have a planned obsolesces. Cotton and wool covers will decompose within a few years if left to the elements, the cover can be composted, or used as weed barrier. I know this for a fact, we had leftover wool padding from our wool carpet instillation and used it for weed barrier in our vegetable garden, not only did it work well, it released nitrogen into the soil as it decomposed.

Now I understand most conventional mattresses have an innerspring system, we sell them too, and that is something that should be recycled, (a lot of the wire used to make innerspring mattresses is recycled already).The boxes springs are another issue, they wear out and the synthetic coverings need to be separated from the frame and metal to be recycled. The foundations that go with organic mattresses are an all wood slat systems inside, surrounded by an organic cotton cover filled with eco wool; they don’t wear out, so again, Organic Foundations are much more sustainable.

So I guess my point is I think this program is a good way to keep mattresses out of the land fill or off the side of the highway, but if people were more mindful of all of their purchases in general, we wouldn’t have all these mattresses and other household furnishing items being thrown away.

Think about recovering that tired furniture, or if you are just starting out, buy something at a second hand shop and refurbish it. Buy wisely, inexpensive isn’t always the best bargain if you have to replace it every few years, especially a mattress. You spend a third of your life in bed, make it a comfortable, well made, all natural healthy sleeping situation.

I am all for recycling, but wouldn’t it be great to reduce what is going into landfills as well as what constantly needs to be recycled?  1-484-851-3636.