A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose a Natural latex Mattress A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose a Natural latex Mattress

We spend around ⅓ of our life in our bed and, usually, people don’t pay alot of attention  to their choice of mattresses. The mattress we choose plays a major role in our lives, right from defining our comfort, to developing a healthy sleep environment in our homes! People differ with their choice of mattresses but considering the benefits of a natural latex mattress , it has become quite a popular choice among the masses of people around the USA, and the world.

Organic Mattress Over Other Types of Conventional Garbage
The use of traditional mattresses have a lot of side-effects pertaining to our health and the environment we live in. Most of these mattresses have innersprings supporting the whole structure. They have a list of disadvantages and experts that advise against their use. Listed below are some of them.

• Innerspring beds have a shorter lifespan than natural latex mattresses. They are very much prone to sagging and get indented near the edges. They should last 15 years, where a natural latex mattress will last 30 plus years.

• Traditional beds can be quite uncomfortable. Due to the support of todays versions of spring coils, people find innerspring mattresses quite uncomfortable compared to natural latex.

• Innerspring Mattress create a lot of movement even for light sleepers and can give them many sleepless nights unless they get used to the motion.Natural latex has very little motion or transference of motion.

• Traditional beds make for an unhealthy living environment due to a phenomenon called off-gassing. Most of the traditional beds have added chemicals and pesticides which, at some later point, disintegrate to release toxic chemicals in the environment. Our Natural Latex mattresses are 98% pure. You can sleep on a  bed loaded up with chemicals, or  be assured with 98% less chemicals, in a natural latex mattress.

Natural Latex Mattresses, on the other hand, deal with dust mites and other pests in an eco-friendly way. They are made up of natural hypoallergenic materials and are free from any pesticides or VOC materials. Dust mites do not like the wool surrounding the mattress, because it’s a very dry environment.

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Here Are A Few Reasons For You To Buy a Natural  Latex Mattress.
Here are a few reasons why Natural Latex Mattresses are worth buying.

  • Friendly to the environment
  • Natural Latex is renewable and environment-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic 
    Besides the fact that natural latex mattresses are eco-friendly, they are also hypoallergenic. Natural Latex Mattresses make perfect beds, especially for children. Natural Latex is antimicrobial. It resists the growth of many types of molds since it a dry environment and runs neutral. Natural latex does not run too hot, or too cold.
  • Regulates Temperature
    Another important feature of latex is that it can breathe. This makes natural latex mattresses a perfect choice for a neutral bed during winters and vice-versa.

There are many such advantages of using natural latex mattresses. Many suppliers of latex mattresses don’t provide 100% authentic products and this is why it becomes important to check the customer reviews of an online store before buying natural latex mattresses from it.

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