The Quest to find the perfect mattress is not an easy one


Most dealers and manufacturers of these mattresses made only with the finest organic wools and certified organic cottons were once located on the west coast, and customers and buyers from the hotel industry had no way at all for people on the east coast to try mattresses out.  Realizing that is was an unfortunate situation for anyone interested in sleeping “green” on the east coast, we responded to that predicament by opening a 1000 square Foot showroom in downtown Hellertown, Pennsylvania in June, 2004.

In May of 2007 the East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc. expanded by moving into an 8000 square foot facility which we have completely renovated into a “green” building.  It includes a 1500 square foot showroom that included the finest assortment of mattresses from the most sought after mattresses manufacturers in the industry.  These manufacturers’ mattresses are made with the purest organic wools, certified organic cottons, and natural rubbers out there.

**You benefit extremely from our contact and great relationships with vendors. The Organic Mattress Store carefully screens our vendors to make sure that all their mattresses and other bedding products are made with certified organic cottons that have met the strict standards of the USDA National Organic Program.

In January 2008 The Organic Mattress Store Inc. introduced its own private label mattresses;  Since the introduction of these new lines, sales have soared.  “We saw what was out there, and we improved on it” states the owners.  Our new line of natural mattresses have passed the rigorous 1633 Federal Flammability burn tests with the use of natural wools.  It is the ultimate material out there.  It keeps you warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and wicks the moisture away.  Wool is dust mite resistant, and the natural rubber cores are as well due to the milky substance inside the cores.


In short, the superb products we sell are what we believe in and we will sell nothing less.


Comfort Never Felt So Natural


The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc.

1075 Main Street

Hellertown, Pa. 18055