Product Care Instructions for The Organic Mattress Store mattresses


When your new bed arrives, it will have an unusual fragrance.  Don’t worry. It’s only natural! Your new bed has been securely wrapped up for a while and it will take a little bit for this new bed fragrance to disappear.  Good ventilation will help this process along. It could be the wool, or the proteins in the latex, or the organic cotton.  Open a window and turn on a fan the first day if needed.

Moving your mattress. Don’t pick it up by the handles, if any.  These are there only to allow for easier turning. Try not to use them.  It is easiest to get the bed to its final destination in the box if at all possible.  Do not fold inner spring mattresses to get them into tighter spots.  This will damage them.

Bed frames.  It is best to use a metal or wood bed frame with your new mattress and foundation.  The frame allows air circulation around the mattress and foundation.  This helps prevent dust mites, mold, and mildew; and allows for easier cleaning.  Most beds, other than a twin, should have a center support. Some antique beds do not and we suggest you beef this area up. Some organic stains on bed frames take up to 4 weeks for the natural smell to go away. Open your windows to help it air out.

Mattress protection.  Mattress pads help protect your mattress from every day spills and accidents.  Layering with a wool, or cotton mattress pad is recommended to prevent your mattress from being exposed to long term moisture.  Storage/exposure to these conditions can cause mold and mildew to develop. Never lay a mattress on the floor or carpet. Keep it up off the ground.

Last but not least. Your new bed is not a trampoline.  Please do not jump or stand on your new bed.  This uneven weight distribution may cause damage inside the mattress, as well as seam splitting.  This type of damage is not covered by your warranty.

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