What Pillows Are The Best For Your Neck And Overall Well Being

You may have considered an array of pillows while shopping, right? Pillowsare one of the essential bedding items that help in several ways to get you a good night’s sleep. So,

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Before heading towards different types of pillows, it is essential that you know about the filling materials of the pillows

  • Give Your Neck the Ultra Comfort With a Natural “LATEX Contour PILLOW”

One of the types of pillows is a latex contour pillow that is rapidly getting popular. They are known for their ultra support and comfort to the neck. The latex pillows provide the complete level of breathability.

  • Organic Cotton Pillow’s

the crops are not processed with harmful pesticides, they are grown organically, hence the filling of organic cotton inside the pillows is 100% certified organic cotton from Texas. While they provide the softness to your head and neck, they are non-allergic Organic Cotton Pillows will compress down over the years. If your into a firmer pillow, then this is a good one.

  • Organic Wool Pillows

Wool pillows are usually filled with the warm and soft hair of sheep. They provide comfort and softness to your head and neck. These pillows are the best around. They are the biggest sellers. Medium fill sells the best. Lite fill is for stomach sleepers. They wisk moisture away, and keep you cooler in the summer, by doing that, and warmer in the winter. They are the ultimate pillows.

  • Embrace the CUDDLY Rejuvenation Pillow

The Rejuvenation Pillow has 2 chambers. One side has millet and the other wool. You can take out handfulls of millet to make it thinner if you want. This pillow is good for side sleepers. Look for it on our website. www.theorganicmattressstore.com, along with all our other products.

Why Buy From The East Coast Organic Stores?

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