Pillow Talk

Pillows are just as important as your mattress when it comes to a good night sleep. I hear some of the most interesting stories about this, my favorite is the 50 year old who is STILL sleeping with their childhood pillow! Seriously!? Get a teddy bear ;-).

Proper neck support is key to restful sleep, and how you sleep, (back, side, stomach or a little of everything,) is important to take into consideration when you are picking a pillow. Wool is the most popular in our experience.  Stomach sleepers should keep it lower, side sleepers want a medium height, and back or back & side sleepers medium – firm with a little more height depending on their shoulders. Then there are the “pillow huggers” for this you need a pillow that will scrunch to your personal perfection, something with a loose fill interior like a wooly bolas or kapok.

The best thing to do is come in and take the time to try them out, you really shouldn’t just grab one off a shelf in the plastic bag and try to figure it out standing up. You spend 1/3 of you day sleeping, shouldn’t you treat yourself to a good pillow while you are catching some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s. www.theorganicmattressstore.com   1-48-851-3636.