Organic Mattress Philadelphia


If your looking for an organic mattress store in Philadelphia, then your not too far away from our store. If you want an organic mattress, comforters, pillows, and sheets then a drive to The Organic Mattress Store would be well worth it.

Don’t buy online from some company talking about a 90 day trial, when in fact you will get it wrong 50% of the time. Those mattresses they take back might just end up in your house someday. Bedbugs and all. None of our manufacturers of Organic Matttresses will give anybody a 90 day trial.

New York City for one is bed bug city.There are bedbugs in almost every zip code.Stick with a 15 yr old company who will take care in selling you only what will work for you or they wont sell it. To The Organic Mattress Store, its just not worth the hassle. Stick with high end Dunlop Natural Latex from either Sri-Lanka, or Malaysia, or Guatemala, and you wont go wrong.

This is a once in a 25 yr purchase, so go with a company who is the only one in the industry to have hired an environmental attorney to check out all its vendors. When we were looking for franchisees this was a major requirement for us to do and it payed off in spades.

We actually ended up getting rid of a few manufacturers who claimed to be selling us organic, when I fact it was far from it. We hope to see you soon.