Organic Wool Pillow and Its Health Benefits

An organic wool pillow is not like your typical pillow with synthetic fibers. It is hypoallergenic because it is made of 100 percent untreated wool. An organic wool pillow can be a better and healthier alternative to other pillows if you have allergies.

Are you worried that you are allergic to wool? There is a likelihood that you are not really allergic to wool itself, but to the chemicals and synthetic products that may have been used during its processing. However, with 100 percent wool pillow, you get an honest-to-goodness hypoallergenic, clean, and untreated product that will help you achieve a comfortable and healthy sleep. In most cases, organic wool is processed only by washing with vegetable-based soaps and hot water.

Organic and chemical-free wool pillows are comfortable whether it is summer or winter. When it is hot, wool whisks moisture away when your body feels warm. That way, you do not have to worry about waking up with a damp pillow. During winter, wool acts as a natural insulator that keeps your body warm. High-quality organic wool pillows are designed to help you sleep comfortably, so you can wake up feeling refreshed without feeling numb or sore.

Pure Eco Wool is made in the USA and it is one of the preferred kinds of 100 percent organic wool that is used in some of the best natural wool pillows around.  If you are allergic to dust and mites, switching to organic wool pillows will provide the relief that you need from those irritants. Wool naturally repels dust mites due to its natural lanolin. Chemical processing strips away lanolin from wool, so it is better for you to choose organic wool pillows to make sure that the material retains its natural dust mite repellant.

Organic wool is naturally flame retardant. Conventional pillows may contain foam, fillers, and fabric that may have been treated with chemical flame retardants, which may off-gas, become inhaled or absorbed through your skin, and cause health issues like poor immunity, fertility problems, brain defects, and cancer. Organic wool does not need to be treated with any harmful chemicals to become flame retardant.