Organic Natural Latex Mattresses and their Benefits to Your Spine

Your mattress could be causing you a sore back, painful shoulders, or a stiff neck. Do you wake up tired in the morning? Then it might be time to upgrade it to a natural latex mattress.

Natural latex is an organic material that is naturally and sustainably harvested from rubber trees in Malaysia and Sri Lanka and it is used as the main material for high-quality latex mattresses.

Once you try an natural latex mattress, you’ll likely find yourself sleeping soundly without any discomfort You also wake up feeling refreshed and ache-free. This is because natural latex supports your body by following its contours and shape. When you turn or move, the mattress recovers quickly and returns to normal. Natural latex provides a sleeping surface that is more even and supportive to your back. Hence, you wake up without feeling sore.

Reputable manufacturers of natural latex mattresses make their products in different firmness levels. Natural latex can be made very firm, very soft, or anything in between, so you should be able to find something that is comfortable to you. Unlike synthetic foams, natural latex breathes, and this can help prevent moisture buildup and absorption, while promoting good air circulation around the mattress to regulate your body temperature as you lay on it.

If someone sleeps beside you, he or she will find the natural latex mattress more comfortable, especially if you or your sleeping partner tends to move a lot during sleep. Latex will not transfer motion, unlike what most innerspring mattresses do. Hence, you can move a lot as you please without causing your partner to bounce and awaken due to your movements.

When buying a natural latex mattress, make sure that you do so in a reputable store that specializes in carrying authentic and high-quality organic bedding. Moreover, make sure that the latex mattress is made of Dunlop.