People often ask us, what is an organic mattress? We simply say, they are mattresses constructed from natural substances that are free of harsh and damaging chemicals. Your babies and loved ones deserve to be sleeping on these comfortable and clean mattresses. The resulting quality will enable enjoyment for many years to come. By purchasing an organic mattress you will be going from Cotton to organic cotton, From Synthetic latex to Natural Latex and From Chemical flame retardants in mattresses to pure wools (natural flame retardants).

By some estimates, conventional cotton accounts for 10 percent of the world’s pesticide use and 25 percent of insecticide use, making it one of the most toxic crops on earth. Help weave a healthier world — before and during pregnancy, and beyond — by buying organic cotton linens, mattress pads, encasements and organic mattresses themselves. Remember, your newborn (and you and your partner) will be sleeping about many hours of the day (albeit in no particular order).The benefits of organic mattresses are too many to mention in this article but one thing for sure besides the most comfortable sleep you will have in your life is that you will have Peace of Mind knowing you are not contributing to the chemical industry, and not have to deal with the off gassing of these fumes as you sleep.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) reported last year that U.S. organic sales, including food and nonfood products, grew by 17 percent in 2020 bringing in a total of $24.6 billion. Nonfood organic sales that year were up an astounding 39.4 percent from 2015, reaching $1.648 billion.


In addition, the OTA reports that the demand for organic pillows and mattresses has seen double digit growth recently, an upward trend it expects to continue, especially as the current recession winds its way to its end.



More and more people are looking to organic mattresses for health — the mattresses help alleviate allergy symptoms and often are much more comfortable to sleep upon. More and more consumers are looking to help the environment by buying “green” and purchasing organic mattresses made of all-natural materials.

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