Organic Mattresses – The Secret to a Comfortable Nights Sleep

One of the most in-demand products in the market today is the organic mattress, which offers a safer and healthier alternative to conventional, synthetically produced foam mattresses that are feared to release dangerous fumes in the air through off-gassing. As the demand for much safer mattresses is growing, you too should seriously think about switching to an organic mattress to protect your family from the harmful effects of off-gassing.

What makes organic mattresses  the better choice for a healthier bedroom is the fact that like any other organic products, they are  made with the utmost care, eliminating the need for dangerous amounts of chemicals in the production process. These products are made using eco-friendly processes and farming methods, which result in the purest product. Conventional mattresses expose you and your family to all kinds of toxic materials in the fabrics used to create mattress coverings, as well as in the fillings and other components that go into a mattress product. Traditional mattresses are also treated with adhesives, dyes, flame retardants, antimicrobial products, and chemicals that contribute to the above mentioned off-gassing phenomenon, releasing harmful gasses and chemicals to the air that you breathe in while you sleep.

With an organic mattress, however, you can sleep free from the dangers of off-gassing as these mattresses are made using the healthiest materials. Other health benefits of choosing natural mattresses include their hypoallergenic properties and the fact that they are free from high VOC chemicals and toxic pesticide residues/flame retardant chemicals, which traditional mattresses are often doused in. Most organic bed manufacturers even allow a degree of customization to your natural mattress, so you can get the perfect fitting bed to suit your needs.